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Evaluation of Norway’s support for advocacy in the development policy arena

Research reports

Written by Helen Tilley, Simon Hearn, Anne Buffardi

This evaluation identifies the driving factors that determine the achievement of Norway’s advocacy outcomes. It then distills lessons for improving the Norwegian government’s future programming of policy advocacy as an instrument for pursuing its development policy objectives.

The evaluation is concerned with advocacy activities funded, commissioned or implemented by the Norwegian government between 2005 and 2014/15. The four featured case studies apply operational definitions of advocacy tactics, activities and results, recognising the fluidity and overlap between the categories. 

The evaluation reveals the need for Norway to deepen its advocacy engagements, by prioritising its objectives in line with its comparative advantages, while considering its medium to long term development plans.

Helen Tilley, Anne Buffardi, Simon Hearn, Jonas Lövkrona and Johanna Lindström