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Evaluating the impact of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in rural and poverty alleviation: Bangladesh country study

Working paper

Working paper

This Working Paper aims, first, to consider the role of NGOs in Bangladesh development through four case study projects; and second, to reflect self-critically on the character of evaluation. The success or failure of particular projects can help to fill in the broader country-wide picture.

The paper forms part of a substantial ODI research project which sets out to assess the impact of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in poverty alleviating projects in different geographical and institutional settings. It follows the publication in 1990 of Working Paper No.37, 'Judging Success: Evaluating NGO Approaches to Alleviating Poverty in Developing Countries' by Roger Riddell, and is one of four similar country studies. The other three, also to be published contemporaneously with this paper, are studies of India, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

Sarah C. White