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European Union Tropical Forestry Sourcebook

Book/book chapter

Book/book chapter

This book has been written for several audiences: those in developing countries who deal with European donors; those in non-EU donor countries seeking insights into the breadth of the EU’s investment in tropical forests; and those living in the EU who have an interest in the forestry activities of the EC and individual member states. It forms one component of ODI’s support of the EC goals of complementarity, co- ordination and coherence in the forestry sector.

Five chapters examine the various EC Directorates-General with forestry interests, a sixth deals with elements common to several of them. Fifteen investigate each Member State’s policies and activities in tropical forestry, both country and DG chapters being written in collaboration with in-country research associates. Finally, a comparative overview draws conclusions about effective aid delivery; assesses the totality of Europe’s experience in tropical forestry; and identifies trends and issues for the future.

Gill Shepherd, David Brown, Michael Richards and Kate Schreckenberg (eds)