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EU support for energy in developing countries

Research reports

Written by Andrew Scott

Research reports

The EU is committed to the Paris Agreement goal to keep the world’s average temperature rise well below 2°C while pursuing efforts to limit to 1.5°C. This will require the reduction and eventual elimination of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions globally. One critical measure to achieve this reduction is the phasing out of EU public finance support for the production and consumption of fossil fuels in member states and third countries.

This study, commissioned by CIDSE, aims to understand the reasons for disparities between the EU’s commitments to international goals for climate change and ending energy poverty, and its allocation of public finance to support the energy sector.

The report presents an analysis of the public finance provided for the energy sector in developing countries by EU institutions over the period 2010–2016. It provides an estimate of the total amount disbursed for energy projects and programmes through different EU channels. It also estimates the proportion that went to renewable energy and the proportion that went to provide access to modern energy services.

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Andrew Scott and Meera Murali