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Ethiopia round 2 survey 2019/2020


Written by Nicola Jones

Hero image description: Woman from Amhara, Ethiopia Image credit:Nathalie Bertrams/GAGE

The questionnaires linked on this page were developed specifically for the GAGE round 2 data collection in 2019/2020. They aim to capture information about the adolescents in the sample and their caregivers, families and wider communities, and continue to monitor changes across the lifespan of the GAGE programme. The questions probe for information in the six capability areas identified in the GAGE conceptual framework – education, health and nutrition, economic empowerment, psychosocial well-being, voice and agency, and violence and bodily integrity – as well as certain additional categories.

The core respondent survey includes sections on education; health and nutrition; psychosocial well-being; voice, agency and mobility; economic empowerment, information and communication technologies; marriage and relationships; and violence.

The adult female survey includes sections on household composition; dwelling characteristics; shocks and safety nets; parenting; health; nutrition; violence; and attitudes and social norms.

Woman from Amhara, Ethiopia
Image credit:Nathalie Bertrams/GAGE
Sarah Baird, Joan Hamory, Nicola Jones, Jennifer Seager and the GAGE consortium