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Ensuring no voices are left behind: the use of digital storytelling and diary-writing in times of crisis

Book/book chapter

Written by Nicola Jones

Book/book chapter

As researchers have begun to adapt to the continuing presence of COVID-19, they have also begun to reflect more deeply on fundamental research issues and assumptions. Researchers around the world have responded in diverse, thoughtful and creative ways – from adapting data collection methods to fostering researcher and community resilience, while also attending to often urgent needs for care.

This book, part of a series of three Rapid Responses, connects themes of care and resilience, addressing their common concern with wellbeing. It has three parts: addressing researchers’ wellbeing, considering participants’ wellbeing, and exploring care and resilience as a shared and mutually entangled concern.

Authors: Nicola Jones, Kate Pincock, Bassam Abu Hamad, Agnieszka Malachowska, Sally Youssef, Sarah Alheiwidi and Kifah Bani Odeh