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Enhancing the Social Performance of the Engineering Services Sector Through Multi-Sector Partnering: Lot 3 Transmission Line Research Project, Indonesia

Research report

Research report

In June 2003, a team comprising staff from EAP, ODI and BBPN, visited BBS in Indonesia. The objective of the visit was to capture Balfour Beatty’s experience on the Lot 3 500kV Transmission Line Construction Project in Java-Bali, to analyse this as an example of a major infrastructure project in Indonesia, and to make this knowledge available to help identify options for developing a multi-sector partnership project within the Balfour Beatty Group. The recommendations in this report are therefore directed, not at the Lot 3 project or to BBS, but at the BBG and the sponsors of the EAP programme.

Michael Warner, Petter Matthews, Ian Neal and Andy Tanner