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Effectiveness in building resilience: synthesis report for Oxfam's resilience outcome area

Research reports

Written by Aditya Bahadur, Emma Lovell, Florence Pichon

As risks intensify for the world's poorest people, building resilience to shocks and stresses has been prioritised as an important, cross-cutting outcome area across development programming. An overview of a sample of Oxfam's interventions reveals that risks related to issues such as climate change and food inescurity interrupt the implementation of projects and threaten to undermine development gains.

In response to these trends, this report examines evidence of how Oxfam's interventions have contributed to building these absorptive, adaptive and transformative capacities. Resilience capacities aim to enhance the ability of individuals, households, and communities to persist in the face of shocks and stresses, anticipate and adapt to changing environments, and transform the underlying vulnerabilities that leave them exposed to shocks and stresses.

The report examines a sample of 23 projects using Oxfam's Effectiveness Reviews and Evaluation Reports.

Aditya Bahadur, Emma Lovell and Florence Pichon