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Effective humanitarian feedback mechanisms - Methodology summary for a joint ALNAP and CDA action research. ALNAP Working draft paper.

Working papers

Written by Paul Knox-Clarke

​This paper summarizes the methodology for the joint ALNAP and CDA action research looking at effectiveness of feedback mechanisms for affected populations in humanitarian settings. It outlines the research challenges faced and how these were addressed.

This research has two objectives:

1. Identify which features of feedback mechanisms for affected populations are most likely to contribute to the effectiveness of such mechanisms as perceived by different user groups – including first and foremost, the crisis affected communities.

2. Provide robust, evidence-informed guidance to ALNAP network members on which elements should be identified and prioritised to help strengthen the overall effectiveness of a feedback mechanism for affected populations in a humanitarian operational setting.

The next step is to finalise a desk study that will be fed into the results of a literature review and mapping of the main feedback mechanisms features as they are discussed in the literature. This will be one in a set of research outputs planned in this joint ALNAP-CDA initiative.

Francesca Bonino and Paul Knox-Clarke