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Economic Pulse 1: Covid-19 and economic crisis – China’s recovery and international response

Research reports

Written by Yue Cao, Rebecca Nadin, Linda Calabrese, Olena Borodyna, Beatrice Tanjangco

Hero image description: Construction project by Chinese company Coastal Steel Industries, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Image credit:EQRoy/Shutterstock

This is the first report in ODI’s Economic Pulse series. It explores China’s international economic response to Covid-19 and analyses its international engagements, especially in developing countries, in light of shifts in the global economic and political landscape. Our review of China’s economic response has an international focus due to the nature of the macroeconomic data, while project-level data and a policy review drill down into the effects of that response on developing countries.

About ODI’s Economic Pulse series

The Covid-19 pandemic has prompted governments around the world to change their economic and political priorities, and China is no exception. Its shifting priorities will have implications for its engagement in developing economies. ODI’s Economic Pulse series reviews Chinese macroeconomic indicators, project-level data, policy announcements and debt negotiations to forge a holistic view of the country’s international economic response.