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Disaster resilience for sustainable development: draft post-2015 DRR framework

Working papers

Written by Emma Lovell, Katie Peters

Negotiations on the Post-2015 Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) are gathering pace, with the intention for a new agreement to be signed in Sendai, Japan in March 2015. To simplify the discussion, the Co-Chairs authoring the drafts of the new framework are issuing 1 and 2 page graphical representations. These are powerful inputs to the process. ODI is continuing to offer support and guidance to governments contributing to the negotiation, including providing alternative visions for the structure of the post-2015 framework for DRR. This 2-pager highlights an alternative way of organising the framework, along sector-based lines, and reiterates three strategies for pursuing effective disaster resilience for sustainable development.

This document will be provided as an input to the consultations on the zero-draft of the post-2015 framework for DRR, with an intergovernmental meeting planned for the 17th and 18th November. 

Emma Lovell, Tom Mitchell, Katie Peters