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Disaster Preparedness Programmes in India: A Cost Benefit Analysis

Working paper

Working paper

Historically, the response to disasters has focused on relief, with governments, donors and NGOs providing post-disaster resources and aid. Whilst this work is essential to respond to people in need, the focus of disaster response has been shifting to encompass the wider issue of disaster preparedness, engaging NGOs and other stakeholders in preparing for the impacts of hazards.  

This Network Paper is intended to inform the growing discussion on risk reduction in a number of ways. First, it aims to provide evidence-based research to confirm that investment in DMP initiatives is money well spent from an economic point of view. Second, it intends to show how cost benefit analysis can be used as an analytical tool to choose between different types of DMP intervention. Third, it aims to provide evidence of the potential for using DMP as a significant element in both humanitarian relief and development programming. Such evidence can also be used to advocate for increasing the resources allocated to specific DMP interventions.

Courtenay Cabot Venton and Paul Venton