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Diasporas: Doing development or part of development - A study of two Sierra Leonean diaspora organisations in London

Working papers

Working papers

The assumption being tested in this study is that diaspora organisations, can be positive drivers of social, political and economic development in their countries of origin. This paper presents a case study of two Sierra Leone diaspora organisations
based in London; the District Development Association (KDDA) and the Kono Development Union (KDU).

Migration research has tended to focus on the role that individual migrants play in generating vast flows of remittances to and within developing countries, the economic benefits of remittances, and the problems of the ‘brain-drain’. Less attention has been
paid to the role of diasporas in development. This is now being addressed in a context where migration as a social process and development issue has gained legitimacy. Remittances can reduce poverty at a household level, but there are other ways in
which diasporas influence development.

Charlotte Heath