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DFID’s Human Rights Policy - Scoping Study

Research reports

Written by Marta Foresti, Tam O'Neil

The DFID Equity and Rights Team commissioned this scoping study of DFID’s current policy on human rights in response to recent changes in DFID’s human rights policy environment. The study does three things. First, it examines the policy framework for DFID’s work on human rights. The study reviews policy that applies to all UK government departments, as well as policy specific to DFID, in terms of their relevance for DFID’s policy and position on human rights. Second, it undertakes a detailed review of DFID policy in relation to eight specific human rights: political participation, health, education, adequate standard of living (including food, housing and water), social protection, women’s rights, children’s and youth rights, and the right to development. In particular, the study explores the degree to which DFID policy is explicitly rooted in, and consistent with, international human rights standards. Third, the role and position of the FCO vis-à-vis human rights and its collaboration with DFID are discussed. The FCO is the lead on human rights for the UK government in its external relations and is therefore an important partner for DFID in relation to its work on human rights.

Tam O’Neil, Marta Foresti, Tim Braunholtz and Bhavna Sharma