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DFID’s Approach to Poverty Reduction Strategies (PRSs)

Research reports

This paper is part of a series synthesizing work on PRSPs; aid modalities; and aid harmonisation to encourage dialogue between UK and Japanese researchers on these issues.

This paper sets out DFID’s current approach to Poverty Reduction Strategies (PRSs). The synthesis is based on a number of sources, including first-hand interviews with DFID staff and staff involved in the DFID-supported PRSP Monitoring and Synthesis Project. The paper also draws on a recent survey of DFID’s engagement with PRSPs, as well as workshop reports and DFID policy documents.

The paper sets out the overall trend of DFID’s engagement with PRSs. Countries engaging with PRSs differ widely however, with DFID’s approach varying according to the multiple dimensions of specific country contexts; generalisations can therefore only be made with extreme caution. For this reason, brief examples are provided in section four to concretely illustrate in-country actions.

The regional focus of this paper is primarily on DFID’s relative approaches to Africa and Asia. The reason for this is that Japanese and British relative strengths and approaches in these two regions underpin the initiative within which this paper is being produced. Furthermore, DFID has long experience in Africa where PRSs are most well-established. Asia, on the other hand, has the largest number of poor in the world but engagement with PRSs is at a much earlier stage.

Debbie Warrener