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Development, security and transitions in fragile states: A meeting series report

Research report

Written by Marta Foresti, Sara Pantuliano

Research report

This report outlines the key messages and recommendations that emerged from a meeting series on Development, Security and Transitions in Fragile States, organised by the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) in partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

State fragility, conflict, violence and political instability are among the key challenges facing the international community today. There is growing consensus that traditional interventions and ‘business as usual’ are no longer viable in fragile states. Innovative approaches to promoting development and humanitarian action are needed, integrating wider security, governance and legitimacy concerns, at the heart of which lie questions of power and politics.

The series brought together an impressive array of experienced and respected politicians, analysts, policymakers and researchers from a vast array of disciplines and background. The speakers provided a welcome contribution to debates around the nature of fragility, relationships between development and security and the challenges of supporting transitional and state building processes. These themes are central to advancing lasting peace agreements, inclusive political settlements, economic recovery, justice, protection of civilians and the building of accountable and legitimate state institutions.

Samir Elhawary, Marta Foresti and Sara Pantuliano