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Development research insights for policymakers


Articles featured include:

Trade Policy Reform
Heavy Industry
Eastern Europe and Development Studies
Rural Industry
Flexible Production Systems

Political Sustainability
Lending and Fiscal Constraints
Gulf Crisis Oil Price Increases
The Transition from African Socialism
Financial Sector Reform

Compensation Programmes
Male Bias
Quantitative Analysis of Gender
Credit and Poverty Alleviation
Adjustment and the African Farmer
African Wages

Bangladesh: NGOs and the State
Evaluating NGO impact
NGOs and Technology Dissemination
Local Watershed Management
SSE Promotion in Question

Financial Services
Trade in Textiles and Clothing
GATT and Developing Countries
Putting TRIMS to Good Use
Trade with the South and Workers in the North Europe, 1992

Cost of care of HIV-related illness
Demographic Models of AIDS
AIDS in Africa
Preventing HIV Transmission in Thailand

Technology Transfer and Energy
Adjustment and Environment
Sustainable Tropical Forests
Land Tenure in Mongolia
Health Impact Assessment

Enhanced NGO roles
Ethiopia 1982-5
Restoring livelihoods
Famine Early Warning
Uses of Food Aid

Financing basic education
Education in El Salvador
Raising education quality
Aid and education
Operation Blackboard, Gujurat
Female participation
Science education
Low cost teacher training

EC trade with Eastern Europe
Beef surpluses
CAP reform and developing countries
Political conditionally

1991/2 Drought: Lake Kariba
Hydrological Strategies
Drought and Economic Risk Analysis
Ecological Aspects of Drought Mitigation
Economic Modelling and Drought in Zimbabwe