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Cutting Europe’s lifelines to coal: Poland

Briefing/policy papers

Written by Laurie van der Burg

This country brief reviews subsidies to coal in Poland. It is a background paper to the policy brief Cutting Europe's lifelines to coal: tracking subsidies in 10 countries and provides a baseline to track progress on the phase-out of such subsidies as part of a wider global energy transition.

This brief is also available in Polish.

Laurie van der Burg

This brief was updated on 16/05/2017 to correct an exchange rate error and update to the latest source for the sentence "As proposed by the Ministry of Energy, the capacity market is set to cost up to 73.5 billion Zlotys (€16.8 billion) between 2021 and 2035, increasing energy bills for average households by an average of €71.80 (310 Zlotys) a year: a 20% rise (Client Earth, 2017).".

The reference Maćkowiak-Pandera et al. (2015/6) was consolidated to 2015 and corrected to read Bayer et al. (2015).