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Current issues in sector-wide approaches for health development: Tanzania study

Research report

Research report

This case study is one of five carried out for the World health Organisation and the Inter-Agency Group on Sector-wide Approaches and Development Co-operation, conclusions from which have been drawn together in a synthesis entitled  Sector-wide Approaches for Health Development: A Review of Experience.

Of all the five country case studies carried out, the United Republic of Tanzania has the most advanced sector-wide approach. Although the implementation programme has been in existance only since July 1999, a significant proportion of it is being supported by pooled donor funds disbursed through the government system. These funds are therefore better integrated into the givernment budget cycle with donors increasingly required to make commitments and disbursements in line with government budgetary requirements. Although there have been delays in the first year, and a substantial amount of donor development assistance remains off budget, this represents major progress in facilitating a SWAp.  

Adrienne Brown