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Current issues in sector-wide approaches for health development. Mozambique study

Research report

Research report

This case study is one of five carried out for the World health Organisation and the Inter-Agency Group on Sector-wide Approaches and Development Co-operation, conclusions from which have been drawn together in a synthesis entitled  Sector-wide Approaches for Health Development: A Review of Experience.

Mozambique is unusual among the case study countries reviewed in that it has a long history of donor co-ordination and funding mechanisms, many of which resemble those adopted under a sector-wide approach. These are in part a tribute to Mozambique's significant achievements in reconstruction and development since the political turmoil of the 1980s and early 1990s. Since then there has been rapid economic growth, political stability, and an increase in government funding to the health sector, which have helped to restore infrastructure, supported by important aid initiatives.

Adrienne Brown