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CSO Capacity for Policy Engagement: Lessons Learned from the CSPP Consultations in Africa, Asia and Latin America

Working paper

Working paper

The nature of CSOs in development work is changing, but how successfully - and leading where? While there is still a strong demand for CSOs to 'sustain the good work' in terms of direct service delivery, there is also a growing need for civil society to participate in policy processes, in order to bring about sustained long-term change. Surprisingly, there is very little systematic research on how CSOs all over the world are influencing policy processes, especially from the point of view of those actually involved in the policymaking process in the South. This paper aims to compare and contrast the lessons that emerged from the CSPP Southern consultations regarding the use of evidence-based policy-engagement, and for ODI to learn what role it may take in aiding CSO involvement in policy processes in the future, especially through the CSPP.

Naved Chowdhury, Chelsie Finlay-Notman and Ingie Hovland