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Country-driven approaches to climate finance: insights from Bangladesh


Written by Merylyn Hedger

Efficient, transparent and country-driven approaches to the delivery of climate finance are crucial to achieving the global objectives of climate change policy.

Recently, important new developments have emerged in the international institutional architecture with the establishment of the Green Climate Fund (GCF). However, the interface between national and international levels is still often framed from the global level downwards.

Country-level studies help inform strategy development of the institutions involved. For instance, they can analyse how the global-national interface actually works, as significant funds start to flow, and reveal how national institutions can be supported through capacity development towards more effective outcomes. These insights should prove helpful as the GCF is aimed to pursue a country-driven approach and to strengthen engagement through the effective involvement of the relevant institutions and stakeholders at country level.

This paper presents a short summary of a country study on Bangladesh, focusing on the current institutional set-up for climate finance and the implications for further refinement and support.

Merylyn Hedger and Golam Rabbani