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Conservation through use: Lessons from the Mesoamerican dry forest

Book/book chapter

Book/book chapter

This book examines the concept of ‘conservation through use’, using the conservation of tree species diversity in Mesoamerican tropical dry forest in Honduras and Mexico as a case study. It discusses the need to develop conservation strategies based both on a botanical determination of those species most in need of conservation and an understanding of the role these trees play in local livelihoods. Based on a detailed analysis of smallholder farming systems in Honduras and coastal Oaxaca and a botanical survey of trees and shrubs in different land use systems in both study areas, the findings confirm the importance of involving the local population in the management and conservation of Mesoamerican tropical dry forest.
The book is directed at researchers in both the socioeconomic and botanical spheres, policy makers at both national and international level, and members of governmental and non-governmental organisations, institutions and projects active in the conservation of tropical dry forest and in rural development in the region.

Adrian Barrance, Kathrin Schreckenberg and James Gordon