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Complex Problems, Negotiated Solutions: Tools and Strategies for Reducing Conflict to Promote Sustainable Rural Livelihoods

Book/book chapter

Book/book chapter

This book is designed for people who have to deal with, and find solutions to, conflicts in rural areas of developing countries. New technology, economic globalization, finite natural resources, political realities and cultural erosion can together represent change of such magnitude – and that it overwhelms the capacity of society to adapt, leading to dysfunctional institutions, disputes and inter-personal conflict. Complex Problems, Negotiated Solutions offers strategies, principles and tools to reduce development-induced disputes and so promote sustainable rural livelihoods. Consensual win--win negotiation is put forward as the preferred strategy but set firmly within the context of the alternatives. The importance of conflict management processes that are appropriate to the local customary and legal approaches is stressed. The book: Systematizes the complexity of conflict situations in rural environments; Provides a guide to designing practicable conflict mitigation and prevention strategies; Offers key principles and tools of consensual negotiation are described; Is illustrated with examples from across the developing world; and includes 20 group and individual exercises for training purposes.

Michael Warner