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Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform and development

Research reports

Written by Jane Kennan, Sheila Page, Dirk Willem te Velde

This paper considers how options for European Union’s (EU’s) Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform might affect development and suggests a range of activities that might be helpful to gain a better understanding of how the CAP, and its reform, may affect development.

The EC’s Communication on ‘The CAP towards 2020’ outlined three options for the future CAP and launched the formal debate with the other European institutions, with Member States, with farmers and with other members of the public. CAP reform will be happening at the same time as negotiations on the multiannual financial framework for 2014-2020 and at a time when World Trade Organization (WTO) negotiations are addressing agricultural protection. The legislative proposals on CAP will be tabled by the EC in November 2011, accompanied by an impact analysis which will also cover any  effects on development under the mandate for Policy Coherence for Development (PCD).

Nicola Cantore, Jane Kennan, Sheila Page