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Climate Transparency Report 2022

Research report

Written by Ipek Gençsü, Archie Gilmour

Research report

The Climate Transparency Report provides a concise overview of the key facts and figures on the state of climate performance of the G20 in a comparative stocktake.

Developed by experts from 16 partner organisations from the majority of the G20 countries, the report informs policy-makers and stimulates national debates. Thanks to comparable and concise information, the Climate Transparency Report serves as a useful reference for decision-makers and actors, and also for those central for climate for whom climate is not central.

The eighth edition of the Climate Transparency Report highlights the link between the climate and energy crises. The review is based on 100 indicators for adaptation, mitigation and finance with detailed country profiles of all G20 members and a summary of key findings. The report is a clear reference tool for decision-makers.

The authors

Summary Report Leads: Sebastian Wegner, Florian Mersmann, Mariana Gutiérrez Grados (Berlin Governance Platform)

Country Profiles Lead: Kim Coetzee (Climate Analytics)

Finance Leads: Ipek Gençsü, Archie Gilmour (ODI)

Data preparation team: Andreas Geiges (Lead), Himalaya Bir Shrestha, Marie-Charlotte Geffray, Diane Gedeon (intern), Sarah Schöngart (Climate Analytics); Jérémy Bonnefous, Thierry Badouard (Enerdata)