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Climate and Development Outlook: special edition on negotiations support


Written by Mairi Dupar

CDKN’s latest edition of Climate and Development Outlook (May 2013) turns the spotlight on the global climate negotiations, as nations gather in Bonn for meetings of the UNFCCC.

CDKN believes that international climate change agreements should reflect and respond to the poorest and most climate-vulnerable countries’ concerns. That’s why we are working to help leaders and negotiators from these countries to become informed, active, networked and influential actors in the global climate talks.

In this special edition, we outline CDKN’s work with leaders and negotiators to develop strategies for ambitious, collective action on climate change.  We visit the early results of initiatives such as the Climate Justice Dialogue and the Acting Together for Bold Outcomes project, which are building alliances of progressive voices in the UNFCCC.

We highlight the results of our climate diplomacy project, which is documenting how countries are weaving climate issues into foreign policy through various channels outside the UNFCC.

Learn more about CDKN’s capacity-building and technical support to negotiators from the poorest and most vulnerable countries.  And find out how moves to PaperSmart conferencing in the global climate talks have benefited negotiators who own the most recent gadgets, but create a ‘digital divide’ for those who do not.

CDKN is working with its partners to address these and other challenges that create an uneven playing field for poor and most vulnerable countries in the climate negotiations.

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  • Climate and Development Outlook: Special Edition on Negotiations Support (May 2013)

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Mairi Dupar and Dan Hamza-Goodacre