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Civil society and justice reform in Indonesia

Research report

Written by Simon Hearn, Anne Buffardi

Research report

The Australia Indonesia Partnership for Justice (AIPJ) aims to realise the rights of Indonesians, in particular those who are marginalised in society: the poor, women, people with disabilities and vulnerable children. AIPJ focuses on right to legal identity as a precondition of realising basic economic and social rights, the right to fair and accessible justice services, and the right to legal information.

This report presents findings from an evaluation of the programme, comissioned by AIPJ in 2015, which sought to answer two questions: ‘to what extent and in what ways have CSOs influenced changes in the Indonesian justice system?’ and ‘to what extent and in what ways has AIPJ expanded the reach and strengthened the quality of work of its CSO partners?’.

The evaluation involved the development of in-depth case studies of three of AIPJ’s programme areas: court reform, legal identity and legal aid. Each case study documented specific changes in the justice system, the contribution of both CSOs and AIPJ in those changes, and how those CSOs have themselves changed in the process.

Simon Hearn, Anne Buffardi, Ancilla Irwan and Kwan Men Yon