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Children on the move in Latin America and the Caribbean: Review of evidence

Research report

Written by Rachel Marcus, Carmen Leon-Himmelstine, Thaís de Carvalho, Diana Jiménez Thomas Rodriguez

Image credit:©UNICEF/UN0561406/Tomás Mendez

Since the mid-2010s, Latin America and the Caribbean region  has experienced a rapid increase in human mobility. Children typically make up around a fifth to a quarter of people on the move in LAC: in 2019 children aged 0–17 constituted 19 per cent of migrants in the region; in 2021, children made up an estimated 26 per cent of people forcibly displaced internationally in the Americas*.

This review of evidence on the situation of children and adolescents on the move in Latin America and the Caribbean examines their needs in communities of origin, in transit, at their destination and upon return. It identifies the gaps in education, health, protection, and other basic services. It then looks at the interventions that have been proven successful in the region to respond to these needs, indicating clear programme solutions.

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