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Challenging the myths around semi-arid lands

Briefing/policy papers

Written by Eva Ludi, Guy Jobbins, Elizabeth Carabine, Nathalie Nathe, Catherine Simonet, Rajeshree Sisodia, Peter Newborne, Tiina Pasanen

Hero image description: Livestock grazing in semi-arid region of Dodoma, Tanzania Image credit:PRISE photo/Rajeshree Sisodia Image license:Copyright: PRISE

Globally, semi-arid lands are home to almost one billion people and make major contributions to national economies, with the private sector playing a major role in their economic development. Yet they have long been marginalised. In this paper, the Pathways to Resilience in Semi-Arid Economies (PRISE) research project challenges some of the myths around semi-arid lands and highlights the exciting potential these regions, and the communities and economies in them, have to be agents of climate-resilient economic development.

Eva Ludi, Guy Jobbins, Elizabeth Carabine, Catherine Simonet, Peter Newborne, Nathalie Nathe, Rajeshree Sisodia and Tiina Pasanen