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Challenging choices: protection and livelihoods in conflict - Case studies from Darfur, Chechnya, Sri Lanka and the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Research reports

For people affected by conflict, livelihoods and protection are intimately linked. People not only face threats to their safety and dignity through violence and displacement, but the destruction of livelihoods is frequently a direct or indirect consequence of war. In response, people are often faced with difficult choices between safety and dignity and economic survival. Yet despite these connections, and despite the increased commitment of many aid actors to protection and livelihoods programming in conflict situations, efforts to link these programmes remain limited.

This report highlights the findings of a three year study which aims to understand how greater complementarily between livelihoods and protection can achieve better outcomes for those affected by conflict.

Drawing on case studies from Chechnya, Darfur, the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Sri Lanka, the research demonstrates the inter-connections between protection and livelihoods in terms of the threats people face and their actions in response. Arguing for greater linkages between these two programming areas, the study highlights examples of where protection and livelihoods interventions have been linked in practice.

Susanne Jaspars; Sorcha O'Callaghan