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Case study on Norway's engagement in the fight against illicit financial flows and tax havens: commercial tax evasion

Research report

Written by Helen Tilley

Research report

This report aims to assess Norway’s engagement in global efforts to reduce illicit financial flows (IFF). It is part of a broader evaluation of Norway’s advocacy engagement from 2005 to 2014.

The evaluation has four main components:

  • A summary of Norway’s main advocacy engagements based on an analysis of the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation’s (Norad’s) database.
  • Thematic overviews of 11 issue areas. 
  • More detailed case studies of four of these issue areas: IFF, maternal and child health, education and women, peace and security. 
  • An analysis of key trends and patterns across the four case studies.

The case studies provide insights into the factors driving the effectiveness and sustainability of the advocacy outcomes. The aim of the overall evaluation is to identify and understand the role of the main factors that determine the achievement of desired advocacy outcomes. 

Helen Tilley