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Cambodia Health Sector Support Programme: Monitoring and Evaluation, and Social Assessment Issues

Research reports

Research reports

This document discusses the findings from the initial (World Bank) pre-appraisal. Regarding monitoring and evaluation arrangements, section 2 provides a preliminary set of observations and recommendations. Further analysis is recommended to obtain feedback on the viability of the proposed M&E arrangements, and to cost them properly. Most critically, much of the detail of the M&E systems to be put in place cannot be specified until key project design decisions (e.g. what components will be national in scope and which will be developed in selected provinces; the number and identity of these provinces; etc.) have been made.
In the area of social assessment, section 3 and annex 3 give a social appraisal and recommends two further steps during project design: to look at how to tackle barriers to access to health promotion and health care for ethnic minorities, and how to develop mechanisms to improve access to health care for the poor.

Tim Conway; Susan Beckerleg