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Business engagement in smallholder agriculture: Developing the mango sector in Dong Thap province

Research reports

Written by William Smith

This report examines how local companies can help to develop the mango sector in Dong Thap province of Vietnam and promote the livelihoods of smallholder farmers. It follows an initial scoping of opportunities for business engagement in agriculture in the central Mekong Delta, which examined the rice, pangasius and fruit sectors.

The value of the research lies in its level of detail and focus on a specific livelihood activity in a specific location - but its added significance lies in the contribution the findings make to a number of wider development issues.

Section 2 of the report provides a description of global mango production and trading and Vietnam’s place within this market. It examines the main markets and global market opportunities for Vietnamese mangoes. Section 3 examines mango cultivation in Dong Thap while Section 4 covers the value chain participants and relationships within Dong Thap and linkages between Dong Thap and wider domestic and international markets. Section 5 analyses some of the constraints and obstacles to development of the mango sector while section 6 presents recommendations to DFAT and other donors on suitable interventions to address these constraints, focusing on the business community.

William Smith