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Brown to green: the G20 transition towards a net-zero emissions economy 2019

Research reports

Written by Ipek Gençsü, Leo Roberts, Charlene Watson

The growth of global emissions in 2018 signals the continued need to reduce emissions to halt global warming at 1.5°C. G20 countries are responsible for nearly 80% of greenhouse gas emissions, so they have a responsibility to ratchet up their 2030 emissions targets in 2020 and support mitigation, adaptation and finance measures over the next decade.

This Climate Transparency report, which includes research undertaken by ODI, is a comprehensive annual review of G20 climate action, with a focus on adaptation, mitigation and finance. It takes stock of where the G20 countries stand in relation to 1.5°C benchmarks and highlights key opportunities to enhance climate action across sectors. The report presents new and updated research from the 2018 report, including new indicators, such as detailed policy assessments across mitigation sectors, analysis of individual G20 countries' impacts and adaptation plans, and a comparative policy and regulation analysis of greening the financial systems of G20 countries.

Ipek Gencsu, Leo Roberts, Charlene Watson, Lena Donat, Hannah Schindler, Jan Burck . . . Roxana Baldrich