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British Aid

Book/book chapter

Book/book chapter

British aid 1 - survey and comment

The first pamphlet provides a brief survey of the main features of British aid to developing countries and raises questions, as well as sometimes suggests answers, which emerged as a result of the overall survey.

British aid 2 - government finance

A factual survey of Britain's government aid to developing countries. 

British aid 3- educational assistance

Education and training are key to achieving progress in developing countries. In this book, the contribution of the Government, the British Council, churches and missionary societies, private enterprises and charitable trusts are closely analysed. The historical origin of British educational aid, present-day expenditures and the recruitment of British teachers are described with the help of detailed statistical material. The organisation of aid is also fully explored.

British Aid 5- colonial development

This pamphlet outlines the colonial background of today's aid programme. It traces the emergence of the idea of aid, specifically for development. It examines the Colonial Development Act of 1929 and the Colonial Development and Welfare Acts series which began in 1940. Debates, reports, conferences and committees up until the mid 1950s are discussed in some detail and the Aid White Papers of 1957, 1960 and 1963 are also covered.