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Baseline study: stamping out and preventing gender based violence (STOP GBV) in Zambia

Research reports

Written by Fiona Samuels, David Walker

​This study provides a baseline to measure programme results, impact and long-lasting change at the end of the STOP GBV Programme led by World Vision (WV), Women and Law in Southern Africa (WLSA) and Zambia Centre for Communication Programme (ZCCP) in six districts of Zambia: Chingola, Kalomo, Monze, Mpika, Mumbwa and Nyimba. Given the focus of the STOP-GBV Programme the study focused on three main areas: GBV Survivor Services; Access to Justice; and Prevention and Advocacy.

The baseline study used secondary data review and analysis as well as collecting and analysing primary data using both quantitative and qualitative approaches: quantitative data was collected through a community survey and qualitative data through in-depth interviews with One-Stop Centre (OSC) personnel, other service providers and GBV survivors and Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) with community members. Quantitative analysis was carried out using Epi-Data and exporting the data to SPSS. All qualitative interviews, with appropriate consent, were recorded, translated and transcribed. Themes and sub-themes formed the basis of the coding structure for the transcripts, which were analysed manually. The baseline study observed relevant institutional and national requirements for ethical review: the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), through its Ethics Review Committee, ensured that the methodological tools and proposal were reviewed and approved and in Zambia both were submitted to ERES Research Ethics Committees for review and approval.

Fiona Samuels, Philimon Ndubani, David Walker, Joseph Simbaya