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Are cash transfers effective? Mukulu's story



Mukulu, a girl living in Kwakavisi, Kenya, is a beneficiary of cash transfers. In this digital story she shares her experiences and perspectives using photographs she took herself.

Cash transfers
are small amounts of money paid as a form of social assistance to poor and marginalised members of communities in the developing world, aiming to tackle poverty and inequality.

There is much debate around the effectiveness of cash transfer programmes.

In a series of participatory workshops run by PhotoVoice in Kenya and Mozambique, we asked people who receive cash transfers to share through photos and words how cash transfers have affected their lives. In Kenya we worked with orphaned and vulnerable children (OVCs) and in Mozambique with people living with disabilities (PWDs).

This project is part of a larger DFID-funded research study investigating beneficiary and community perceptions of cash transfer programmes in five countries - Kenya, Mozambique, the Occupied Palestinian Territories (both Gaza and West Bank), Uganda and Yemen.

In the end we hope to help improve how cash transfer programmes work and, ultimately, to help towards reducing poverty and inequalities.