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Analysing and managing the political dynamics of sector reforms: a sourcebook on sector-level political economy approaches

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Sector-level political economy approaches aim to better understand and more effectively influence the political, economic and social structures, institutions, processes and actors determining the political dynamics of sector reforms. While country-level approaches are now well established, sector-level approaches are still considered unknown territory. This is now beginning to change. There is growing interest among development partners and research institutes in deepening the understanding of what drives or blocks sector policy change. This is due to the increasing recognition of the key role of politics – both in development and development cooperation as well as in sector reforms and sector development.

This sourcebook provides an up-to-date overview of the most insightful approaches, frameworks and studies designed to analyse and manage political dynamics of sector reforms in the context of development cooperation. This sourcebook also aims to bring development practitioners and researchers ‘on the same page’ and facilitate the development and refinement of approaches in a joint and ongoing learning process.

David Edelmann