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Aid for Trade: Removing Constraints to Trade, Enabling Inclusive Growth and Supporting Poverty Reduction Lessons for Policy and Programming from Five Case Studies

Research report

Written by Kate Bird

Research report

This paper synthesises findings and lessons from a set of five case studies on Aid for Trade initiatives. These case studies, and this synthesis, were developed in response to a clear demand, from EU Member States, on the need to harness evidence on Aid for Trade programmes and
projects that have expanded trade while promoting inclusive growth and poverty reduction. The case studies and this synthesis paper seek to:

  • Provide evidence, through country- and sector-specific case studies, of how Aid for Trade can build trade and export potential, while contributing to inclusive growth and poverty reduction; and
  • Draw lessons from these case studies about how to design and implement Aid for Trade strategies and programmes to support trade expansion alongside inclusive growth and poverty reduction.
Kate Bird, Tali Diamant, Ursula Grant, Kate Higgins, Rainer Quiztow, Liz Turner, Milo Vandemoortele