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Agricultural Research and Extension Network Discussion Papers 1975 – May 1988

Working papers

Working papers

Agricultural Research and Extension Network Discussion Papers include research-based policy advice on ways of increasing the effectiveness, efficiency and accountability of rural resource management and agricultural service delivery. This issue covers 1975–1988. 

*Disclaimer: some portions of this document may be unreadable due to the original document being partly illegible. Images are produced from the best available original document.

Articles included in this collection:

  • Local diagnosis, farmer groupings: Coordination of services ; Consulting farmers; Farmer and community groups
  • Report on a visit to India – February 1976: programmes for small and marginal farmers
  • Notes on poverty-orientated rural development 
  • Diagnosing the need for new technology
  • Consequences of the logic of extension for its organisation
  • The politics of agricultural planning and administration
  • Women in rural development
  • Management performance in agricultural projects
  • Alternative approaches to project implementation
  • Planning and management problems in the implementation of a major scheme: a case study of Mahaweli (Sri Lanka)
  • Some field observations on rural India's development
  • Involving women in rural development processes
  • Training managers for agricultural development projects
  • Evaluation and action research as tools of management reform
  • Practical experience in implementing the training and visit extension system in large command areas in India
  • The socio-economic organisation of farming in the Gambia and its relevance for agricultural development planning
  • Appropriate village-level institutions: some generalisations from the case of Lesotho's village water supplies
  • Rural community development in Oman
  • Guidelines for the appraisal of agricultural projects
  • Computing requirements of development authorities in the smallholder sector
  • A review of experience with micros in evaluation and project planning in Nigeria
  • Administrative levels for rural development functions: a suggested framework
  • Identification of priority project areas for small farm
  • Identification of priority project areas for small farm development – a case study in India
  • Administering inland fisheries development in Madhya Pradesh
  • The Development of Agricultural Extension in the Aegean Region of Turkey
  • Getting and spending: some observations on the government of Kenya budgeting process
  • The Performance of Extension Services in Botswana
  • Agricultural development and planning in a South Pacific island
  • Abstracts of recent field experience with farmer-participatory research.
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