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AgREN Newsletter No. 50


The current issue of AgREN includes papers on a wide range of topics that should be of interest to network members. Please remember to consider AgREN for publishing results of your own work so that we can provide the detailed analysis of pro-poor agricultural development that people expect from AgREN.

AgREN is currently assessing possible future strategies. All network members should have received a set of questions (by post and e-mail) related to priorities for AgREN. We are interested in hearing your ideas for strengthening AgREN, and we are particularly interested in suggestions that will help AgREN provide a growing range of papers. AgREN papers are distinguished by their in-depth analysis, and this implies a considerable time investment from authors. AgREN provides editorial assistance and we would be interested in considering other forms of assistance to authors, or suggestions for appropriate topics. We are also interested in hearing your suggestions for the type of items for the newsletter.

In addition, we would welcome network members’ suggestions for the annual e-mail discussion. We held a useful discussion in March on the subject of rural livelihood diversity and its implications for pro-poor agricultural development. The results of the discussion are summarised in this issue of the newsletter.