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AgREN Newsletter No. 49



AgREN will be hosting its annual e-mail conference in late March on the subject of rural livelihood diversity and the implications for pro-poor agricultural research and extension. With much attention focused on the importance of non-agricultural sources of income for rural households, we need a better understanding of how diverse income strategies affect the organisation of agricultural development efforts. AgREN members are well placed to report and compare first-hand experience on this subject. We need to know if the targeting and organisation of agricultural activities should take more account of rural households’ nonfarm activities. We hope that as many network members as possible will participate in the discussion. Registration details are given in the announcement later in this newsletter.

The newsletter continues to attract many useful summaries of work in progress and conclusions of recently completed activities. We urge all AgREN members to contribute items. The current newsletter includes an interesting debate regarding a recent AgREN paper on watershed management. AgREN papers often elicit interesting comments and comparisons with people’s own situations, and we would be happy to use the newsletter as a forum to further this kind of discussion and debate.

This is one example of the gradual evolution of AgREN. We have been experimenting with e-mail discussions over the past few years, and the character of the newsletter is slowly changing. AgREN papers remain the heart of the network (and we are always in need of more contributions). AgREN will be contacting its members in the next few months to solicit ideas for further changes or new priorities for AgREN. In anticipation of a short survey, any ideas or suggestions will be gratefully received.