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Ag‑platforms as disruptors in value-chains: evidence from Uganda

Research report

Written by Aarti Krishnan, Karishma Banga, Sherillyn Raga, Laetitia Pettinotti, Maximiliano Mendez-Parra

Hero image description: Farmers using AgriTech platform in Uganda Image credit:CTA ACP-EU/Flickr Image license:Creative Commons

This report takes a deep dive into agricultural digital platforms (ag-platforms) and examines ways in which their economic value can be captured by, and include, farmers, youth and women in Ugandan agricultural value chains. It draws on research that is the first of its kind, to our knowledge, for Uganda, presenting empirical evidence on the landscape of ag‑platforms, the extent to which they have facilitated or inhibited value capture and their impact on the productivity of farmers.

The report consolidates survey data from 821 farmers in Uganda, alongside insights gathered through interviews with a range of actors, including government officials, cooperatives, buyers and mobile operators, as well as a range of ag‑platforms.

This is the fourth in an ODI series of working papers and reports, funded by the Enhanced Integrated Framework, that explores AgriTech in East African value chains.