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Adolescents in Jordan: voice, agency, mobility and social cohesion

Briefing/policy papers

Written by Nicola Jones

Hero image description: Adolescent girl in Jordan. Photo: Natalie Bertrams/GAGE Image credit:Adolescent girl in Jordan. Photo: Natalie Bertrams/GAGE

Due to generational hierarchies in Jordan, opportunities for adolescents to exercise voice and agency – over their own lives, in their households and their broader communities – are fairly limited.

A survey found that while adolescents feel they have a medium degree of decision-making within the family, opportunities for young people to meaningfully contribute to decisions are limited. While this affects boys, who report that their parents are always 'checking up on me', it has much stronger impacts on girls.

GAGE research suggests that government and humanitarian programming could do much more to provide young people with opportunities to participate in community affairs and to build social cohesion and a sense of shared belonging.

Elizabeth Presler-Marshall, Nicola Jones, Sarah Baird with Agnieszka Malachowska