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Adolescent perspectives on services and programmes in conflict affected contexts: a participatory research toolkit


Written by Nicola Jones

Hero image description: Adolescent girls pictured on their school break Image credit:GAGE/Ingrid Gercama Image license:Copyright GAGE

In the Middle East, the Gender and Adolescence: Global Evidence (GAGE) programme is undertaking participatory research with adolescents, their caregivers, service providers and other relevant actors. This is to learn more about the availability, relevance, effects and quality of services for adolescents (and in particular, adolescent girls) in conflict-affected areas. Evidence from the participatory work stream will contribute to policy and programming dialogues on progress towards the achievement of gender- and adolescent-relevant Sustainable Development Goal targets.

This document outlines participatory research tools which will be used by GAGE researchers in Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon. The tools make use of interactive and fun participatory research methodologies to provide opportunities for adolescents in refugee and host community settings to articulate their perspectives and experiences, while ensuring that the research findings are situated by including adults and other key stakeholders.

Nicola Jones, Ingrid Gercama, Elizabeth Presler-Marshall and Bassam Abu Hamad