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Adaptation finance and the infrastructure agenda

Working paper

Written by Smita Nakhooda, Charlene Watson

Working paper

Adaptation to a changing climate is now essential to sustainable development. In order to protect and support development progress, adaptation introduces myriad considerations to factor into financing and investment decisions. Infrastructure is one example: access to appropriate infrastructure can support adaptation and resilience to climate change, but the wrong choices may increase vulnerability.

The international community has sought to encourage national efforts to understand adaptation needs and vulnerability in the form of global climate policy processes, and increase financing for adaptation efforts in developing countries.

Many climate funds have supported consultation and capacity-building efforts in the context of strengthening national climate change and adaptation (CCA) policies, and raising awareness of climate risk.

This paper reviews international efforts to support adaptation, and their linkages with efforts to mobilise new finance for infrastructure.


Smita Nakhooda and Charlene Watson