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A Solution to Desertification: Holistic Resource Management

Research report

Research report

It is clear from the failure of our efforts in many countries to halt the desertification process - deserts are now advancing at a rate of nearly 15,000,000 acres a year worldwide (Worrall 1984) - that something was missing in our knowledge of the problem. Four discoveries have been made that enabled us to design a simple holistic model to manage resources successfully in a sustained and economic manner. Excellent results have now been achieved in many situations, and we have witnessed positive grassland improvement, even in a severe drought and under increased livestock stocking rates while protected plots in the same seasons have deteriorated (Cardon 1983, Savory 1984).

HRM offers great hope for all resource management situations. The Center for Holistic Resource Management, a nonprofit membership organisation located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was formed by a group of resource managers, researchers, ranchers, farmers and environmentalists, to provide training and dissemination of knowledge on HRM. Working in an international collaborative effort, the Center now also acts as a focal point for the rapid increase in knowledge that is taking place through practical application of the HRM Model.

Allan Savory