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A region without “spring”: a tenacious tale of poverty, inequality and precarity


Written by Dina Mansour-Ille

Five years on from the Arab 'Spring' – the popular rebellion against authoritarianism in the Arab world  corruption, despotism and inequality continue to plague the region. 

Against this backdrop, this article seeks to examines the socioeconomic realities of inequality that have triggered the Arab Spring uprisings and their manifestations today throughout the region. The article examines the literature on revolutions and the dimensions of inequality and applies it to the Arab region, where it examines the manifestations of inequality before and after the Arab spring uprisings.

In turn, it aims to question the socioeconomic structures of inequality underlying the Arab Spring and how poverty, inequality, and precarity continue to plague the Arab region. 

This article was published by the International Social Science Journal, 213/214 and can be purchased on the Wiley Online Library website

Dina Mansour-Ille