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A Community Scheme to Encourage Private Tree Planting by Farmers in the Hills of Nepal

Research reports

This data-rich paper presented an example of a completely self-organised community forestry scheme in Salle village, Nepal. Long-term extension by Pakhibas Agricultural Centre led the residents to dedicate the top ends of their fields to a shared plantation. A managerial committee involved all villagers, even non-landowners, and although trees in the plantation were owned individually, fines for damage accrued to the committee. The authors argued that private planting schemes could be successful if local groups with common interests were identified and Forest Department staff retrained as facilitators. Interventions in favour of tree production needed to take account of the interdependence of crops, trees and livestock and be integrated into local farming systems.

L Joshi, Y N Jha, I B Karki, R K Kusle, M P Mainali, S L Sherpa, B Thapa